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More military aid to Pakistan

The United States has announced a $2,000,000,000 military aid package to Pakistan over the next five years, to complement an already existing $7,500,000,000 package for civilian aid over the same time frame.  This BBC article provides details and explanations.


3 Responses

  1. While I applaud US efforts to shore up the Pakistani government, I am not positive that we are getting a return on our investment. It seems as if we give Pakistan money, they show some effort, then say they need more money. It is an endless cycle. The militant problem in Pakistan will not go away with money alone, the leadership in Pakistan needs to have the resolve to fight this problem. I have not seen that. Our aid should be tied to benchmarks of some kind or with a diplomatic agreement for USSOCOM to take some kind of action in Pakistan.

  2. Sure, it’s wasteful, but what is the alternative? If we aren’t sending Pakistan tons of money, then what is the result? Islamabad tells Pakistani Islamists to behave themselves in Pakistan and in exchange they will help them run wild in Afghanistan. Honestly, we don’t even know that they aren’t doing that now despite our present aid.

    For me, the frustrating thing is that Pakistan doesn’t trust that moving some troops the Afghan border from the Indian one will not result in Indian invasion and nuclear strikes. But what can we really do to convince them otherwise?

  3. I wish a portion of the $2B would’ve been held back and allocated towards a huge public diplomacy push within Pakistan. The mistrust of America and it’s intentions is rife there. According to the Spring 2010 Pew Global Attitudes Survey, only 16% express favorability toward the U.S, lowest of all countries surveyed bar Turkey. I know I have a marketing background, hence some bias, but I think a communiction/information effort is needed in conjunction with the military & traditional diplomatic solutions we continue to see unfold. A well constructed, strategic public diplomacy plan might even yield some positive results with the whole India dynamic, given time. That said, I may be ignorant of one in-motion right now. But given PD budgets are usually mere crumbs from the table, a larger infusion of $ might bear some fruit.

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