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    Monday 11/8
    Peter Beinart
    "Israel: Have we lost that loving feeling, and can we get it back?"
    Davis Auditorium
    Sturm Hall

    Monday 11/8
    The Muslim Student Association is hosting an Eid Mubarak dinner from 6-8 pm at the Korbel Cyber Cafe.

    Wednesday 11/10
    A Faculty Panel will discuss different issues surrounding the Occupy Wallstreet movement.
    Noon in the Cyber Cafe

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Small protest in Algeria is broken up by riot police

BBC News is reporting that a small protest in Algiers, calling for increased freedom and democracy, was broken up by the authorities (on the basis that they had not approved the protest).

Demonstrations are banned in Algeria because of a state of emergency in place since 1992, and the government had warned people not to attend the demonstration called by the RCD in central Algiers.

Recent events in Tunisia certainly contribute to the protests occurring throughout the Arab world this week.  But given the sizable protests that happened just last week in Algeria over rising food prices, the government is likely pleased that this protest did not swell into anything larger.


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