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    Monday 11/8
    Peter Beinart
    "Israel: Have we lost that loving feeling, and can we get it back?"
    Davis Auditorium
    Sturm Hall

    Monday 11/8
    The Muslim Student Association is hosting an Eid Mubarak dinner from 6-8 pm at the Korbel Cyber Cafe.

    Wednesday 11/10
    A Faculty Panel will discuss different issues surrounding the Occupy Wallstreet movement.
    Noon in the Cyber Cafe

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Yemen in Perspective

Read this excellent article published in the Guardian and written by Jeb Boone (center with jambiyya in hand), current Managing Editor for the Yemen Observer in Sana’a.  Mr. Boone is an alumnus of Georgia State University and attended the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies in Sana’a.  His writing provides insight into the complex internal politics and rich culture of Yemen’s capital.

As Egypt sank further into violence, prominent Yemeni journalists and activist throughout the country pleaded for demonstrators to remain peaceful but many were doubtful. Business owners barricaded shops, and tanks guarded banks and government buildings. Many were convinced that shots would begin to ring out across Sana’a.

However, as lunchtime came around, demonstrators started filing out. As portraits of Saleh were left in the street, Yemen’s “day of rage” transformed into just another Thursday – the first day of Yemen’s weekend. Qat markets and popular lunch restaurants were bustling by noon. In Yemen, regime change takes a break for the weekend.





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