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Weekly Perspectives: What should the Obama administration do about the situation in Egypt?

Welcome to the MEDG weekly perspectives.  I will be posting the first response to this question to be followed by my fellow MEDG officers.


The handover of power from Hosni Mubarak to the military is the best outcome that could have occurred for the Obama administration.  The Egyptian military is one of the most loyal patrons to the United States.  The relations between the US and Egyptian militaries are described as extremely close.  The Obama administration must now encourage the Egyptian military to restore order and lift the emergency laws in place.  They must also support the building of democratic institutions.  Elections will not take place right away, but it must be ensured that the Egyptian military leadership walks the path towards free and fair elections.

The administration should not be afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The protests were not led by them, but instead by people that were frustrated with their country and wanted democracy.  The US must support this movement for democracy and cannot in any way influence the outcome of the elections.  If Obama wants Egypt to continue to be a friend of the US, then the elections must be free of any outside influence.  The Egyptian people are very proud of their country and will do what is best…and I feel that they know an Islamist state is not the answer.  They know the oppression that exists in Iran and they do not want that.

The Egyptian military leaders need the support of the Obama Administration in this crucial time.  Egypt’s economy needs to be restarted and institutions need to be built.  The rule of law needs to be followed and progress towards elections must occur.  Goodwill from the administration in this time will pay off in the long run once Egypt becomes truly democratic.  Egypt needs a friend at this historic moment and Obama must respond.


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