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    Monday 11/8
    Peter Beinart
    "Israel: Have we lost that loving feeling, and can we get it back?"
    Davis Auditorium
    Sturm Hall

    Monday 11/8
    The Muslim Student Association is hosting an Eid Mubarak dinner from 6-8 pm at the Korbel Cyber Cafe.

    Wednesday 11/10
    A Faculty Panel will discuss different issues surrounding the Occupy Wallstreet movement.
    Noon in the Cyber Cafe

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Al-Qaeda’s New Marketing Strategy

CNN pundit Fareed Zakaria has released this segment from his popular Sunday morning news program GPS. He explains how Al-Qaeda has released a new magazine….directed at women. Al-Shamikha offers articles on everything from supporting jihad to beauty advice. One of the featured pieces is how jewelry can be purchased and then sold off for a profit to help the cause. As Zakaria notes, the marketing gurus at Al-Qaeda are clearly hoping to cover a niche in a tough magazine marketplace: literate female jihadists waging war against the west.


Basketcase Forever?

Just read an interesting – yet somber – editorial in the Jerusalem Post today.The author, Barry Rubin, asks the question “why is it – since we are a superior people (Arabs) with a superior religion (Islam) – that we are behind the West and what can we do about it?” Rubin offers a familiar explanation: the long history of colonial imperialism, the failed experiments with oppressive nationalist governments and the rise of radical Islam have all contributed to the malaise. Frustratingly, Rubin diagnoses the problem but offers no treatment plan. He posits that the jihad waged by Islamists will linger on for another 50 years before crumbling, by which time “Arab and Muslim-majority countries will be left even further behind the rest of the world.” Why will it take 50 years? And what concrete steps can be taken to avert this scenario from unfolding? It’s a shame that these questions go unanswered. After raising such a provocative issue – why the Middle East lags behind the West – it would have been refreshing to read a novel take on what a recovery plan would look like.