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    Monday 11/8
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Iran nuclear plans: Bushehr fuel to be unloaded

More trouble for Iran’s nuclear program as Iran confirms that they removed nuclear fuel from the reactor.  The IAEA is on hand to supervise the removal of the fuel.  BBC News reports that some diplomats suggest Iran will be replacing the entire core, which could mean there are huge technical problems.  It is not clear if the Stuxnet virus had anything to do with this latest setback.


Iran talks in Istanbul fail

Not surprisingly, talks between Iran and the major nuclear powers over Iran’s uranium enrichment programs have capsized.  This Al Jazeera article has all of the details.  The matter is of grave concern to all involved, so comical probably isn’t the best word to describe the talks, but given the distance between the two sides starting points and Iran’s refusal to acknowledge the weapons capability of uranium enrichment, the talks were a bit of a fool’s errand to begin with.

Talks in Istanbul over Iran’s nuclear agenda

BBC News is covering new meetings in Istanbul picking up where others have failed over the issue of ending Iran’s uranium enrichment.  So far the Iranian delegates feel good about the progress being made and the positive atmosphere.  The United States representative is less than optimistic.

Western diplomats want to make sure that there is not enough enriched uranium left inside Iran to build a single bomb, but Iran has agreed only to give up some of its stockpile.

The negotiators are expected once again to propose a fuel-swap deal under which Iran would give up an agreed amount of its low-enriched uranium in return for fuel for a research reactor in Tehran.

Should the Arabs go nuclear

This opinion piece by Larbi Sadiki, from Al Jazeera, investigates that matter of Arab states going nuclear to keep up with Iran.  She discusses nuclear power and weapons in this context.  For anyone who attended the Jeffrey Goldburg lecture Tuesday, this is an interesting read following his argument that if Iran engineers nuclear weapons, anywhere from 2-6 Arab states would gain nuclear weapons by the end of the Obama presidency.